October 27, 2013

About Baseclimb

BASEClimbing is a combination of BASEjumping and climbing, especially mountaineering.

The BASEClimb dream began in 1991 when Glenn Singleman and Nic Feteris teamed up to do what most people said was impossible, to climb a Himalayan mountain and BASEjump from near the top.

Glenn and Nic proved the sceptics wrong, amazing everyone, even people like hard-core mountaineer, Greg Child who said they were ‘suicidal madmen’. They successfully climbed The Great Trango Tower in Pakistan and BASEjumped the north west face from a ledge at 5950 metres to establish a world record that would stand for 14 years, despite numerous challenges.

The 1992 BASEClimb expedition team also included New Zealand mountaineer Geoff Gabities, UK film makers, Mandy and Leo Dickinson and elite Russian Mountaineer, Vlad Moroz and Glenn’s first wife Irina.

BASEClimb, the documentary (1992), which was written, directed and produced by Glenn Singleman, was a groundbreaking adventure film that won 21 International Awards including People’s Choice Award and Best Mountain Sport Film, Banff Film Festival; Best Adventure Film, Trento Film Festival and Grand Prize, International Festival of Sport, Cuida de Jaca.

BASEClimb 2 (2002) was an attempt by Glenn and his wife Heather Swan, to break the 1991 record. Glenn, Heather and their team spent a number of years training and planned to BASEClimb Ama Dablam in Nepal, although they finally settled on the north east side of The Great Trango Tower in Pakistan. Two attempts in 2001 were thwarted by weather and world events (September 11, 2001).

The BASEClimb 2 team included BASEjumper Marta Empinotti (USA), mountaineer Adam Darragh (AUS), BASEjumper Jimmy Pouchet (USA), cinematographers Mike Dillon (AUS), Vonna Keller (AUS) and Ken Bailey (USA), mountaineers Russell Brice (NZ), Bruce Dowrick (NZ), David Vass (NZ) and Mark Baker (AUS), Skydivers Elise Vale, Mick Hill, Mark Rainey and Mark Brody (AUS), Balloon pilots Chris Dewhirst and Sean Kavanagh and stills photographer Ray Jones (AUS).

The documentary ‘BASEClimb 2 Defying Gravity’ was released in 2002.
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BASEClimb 3 (2006): Glenn, Heather and their team journeyed to Mt Meru (6672m) in a remote part of the Garwhal Himalaya in India in April 2006.

They pioneered a new route on the Mt Meru, which had only been climbed once before by a Japanese team that climbed the south ridge (1986).

After 23 days of climbing and waiting for a weather window, Glenn and Heather successfully made a wingsuit BASEjump from a ledge on the east face at 6604m on May 23 2006. This broke the 1992 record and Valery Rosov’s wingsuit BASE altitude record.

The BASEClimb 3 team included mountaineers, Mick Hill and Mal Haskins (AUS) mountaineer and cinematographer, Tove Petterson (NOR), BASEjumper, Jimmy Freeman, camera operator Elise Vale and stills photographers Lauren Swan and Sophie Ward (AUS).

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