October 27, 2013

Glenn and Heather

Dr. Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan are an Australian husband and wife team. They work and play together, and (so far) their partnership has produced three world records and two Australian records in extreme sport, including the worlds highest BASEjump in a wingsuit from 6604m on Mt Meru in the Indian Himalaya (BASEClimb 3 project) and the first (& only) wingsuit crossing of the Grand Canyon (April 2015).

In addition to being a professional adventurer, Glenn is a multi-award winning documentary filmmaker and a practicing medical doctor with a special interest in the physiology and psychology of fear. Heather is a successful author and photographer. They are also sought after professional speakers, having spoken to tens-of-thousands of people, at corporate, community and government events around the world.

Glenn and Heather have featured a number of times on 60 Minutes and Australian Story along with countless other media appearances.

Their adventures have also been seen by hundreds of millions of people around the world via their acclaimed documentary films.

Heather and Glenn live 85kms South West of Sydney, Australia. Between them they care for four children, six dogs, two horses and nine chickens.